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Open Thinking Encouraged

I was upset to hear in the media that mismanagement of Wivenhoe by operators is being touted as the reason the floods were so widespread.  We can do without that sort of irresponsible comment in public.  I understand that the equivalent of a Sydney Harbour 500,000 megalitres poured over the spillway every 24 hours for 4 days and got to 162%. This means that three Sydney Harbours were held back before it overflowed.  Wivenhoe at 2,600,000 megalitres capacity (100% prior the event)  would have needed to be at 25% capacity to deal with that volume. The fact that it held 162% prevented the level from exceeding the 1974 floods. If Wivenhoe wasnt there, the level would have been meters above the levels reached in 1974. Many more people would have been impacted.

That flow rate released was at high flood level over the spillway.  Im guessing the normal release rate for water would have been much less than that. If they released that amount of water in the time required, they would have caused flooding in any rate.  The flood was unavoidable at management. If they had released the water and did not get it back, they would have been condemned for that action.

I condemn any media, and any politicians who point fingers at Wivenhoe personnel. Its easy to let emotion take over, and want to blame people who in all honesty, probably live in the region which was hit by the flood. They are just as angry and upset at the situation without a whole lot of irresponsible crap being thrown at them.  

SO BACK THE HELL OFF THEM.   They didnt cause the equivalent of 6 Sydney Harbours to be dumped on them in a 4 day period. Point the finger at carbon emissions and polluters putting holes in our ozone layer. Point the finger at people who ignore Kyoto, or dilute its impact in favour of economic stability.   The fact is events like this flood, the snow storms in the northern hemishpere, the floods in Columbia are all being stimulated by the way in which we all treat the planet.  Events like this are going to destabilize economies more effectively than any effort to become carbon neutral. The point is, everyone must move in unison to make the required impact. Everyone moving in unison will mean universal movement in economies.

If you want to blame someone, look in the mirror, as I do.



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